Only a shared vision can create additional energy, confidence and synergy – prerequisites for the most accurate and pragmatic advicе

In this fast changing and challenging world, it is no longer sufficient to simply provide our clients with well-founded theoretical “desk knowledge and conclusions”. Based on thorough knowledge which includes also the wisdom of case law and general experience, we at PM&P need to have the courage and confidence to recommend the steps that are most appropriate to the specific challenge at hand.


We at PM&P believe that this is precisely what our clients deserve and need. Our team always shares the same vision with the client and combines the aspirations of the young with the knowledge of our experienced attorneys. We do not simply inform and comment on the changing world, but rather strive to be actively involved in these changes, always looking for the best new solution.

To find the necessary unconventional solution is to part with conventional thinking

Conventional thinking within the comfort zone often prevails in life. But that’s not what keeps the world moving forward, that’s not what meets the clients’ needs. This is why PM&P attorneys always listen carefully and try to get to the crux of problems, searching for the most beneficial solutions for every unconventional situation.


This is how innovative solutions come into being, the ones that are most fully attuned to our clients’ needs. This is what tailored service is all about.

The successful implementation of new ideas requires not only knowledge and experience, but also a lot of courage and determination

PM&P was able to set its own standards of professional excellence. To us the thorough knowledge of law and jurisprudence is merely the point of departure. Following an analysis of the clients’ issues and requirements, we start looking for the best solution.


This enables our team to enjoy tremendous freedom and independence in making our own conclusions. That is why we do not simply provide our clients with the first possible valid advice, but rather with the best one, which is often based on surprising conclusions ensuring effectiveness, applicability and, hence, the complete comfort of the client.


We at PM&P always stand by our client when it comes to making a decision, although it is the client that makes their own ultimate decision.

Knowledge and expertise in diverse spheres blend to warrant a comprehensive legal service

Not long after the establishment of PM&P in 1990, we realised that the case law was constantly creating new areas of law that generally influenced investors’ behaviour. That is why we set up the necessary dedicated working groups, while maintaining the teamwork of the attorneys who are always available and quick to respond.


It is precisely the teamwork between the different working groups that allows for the discovery of innovative solutions. This has turned the attorneys themselves into a quality brand and guarantors of the firm’s growth.

Good internal communication and commitment are preconditions for building confidence, mutual help and client satisfaction
The philosophy of PM&P is directly reflected in our established principles that our clients are all well familiar with.


  • Effectiveness for us is getting value to clients”
  • Teamwork and quality make the difference”
  • “Tailored services for client satisfaction and success
  • “Our lawyers not only keep but raise standards


This requires loyalty, utmost dedication and motivation by each and every lawyer. The conditions precedent for this are that our lawyers are relieved of unnecessary bureaucratic chores, that they have access to state-of-the-art information systems, equipment and databases, and that they enjoy conditions for good internal and attorney-client communication.


The pleasant working atmosphere for the attorneys, as well as the great available opportunities for professional and personal growth, have turned ethics, trust and mutual assistance into the main principles of the firm.

In times of change, corporate responsibility is a boost to motivation and the right attitude!

There is more to a good lawyer than professional competence.


Guided by our philosophy, we at PM&P seek ever greater involvement in the social topics of the day. Thus, we can adapt faster to the real needs of our clients, while helping cultivate qualities such as commitment and mutual help.


This includes both international cooperation in the field of legal services and the implementation of good international practices and experience in our country. Therefore, our participation in prestigious international networks such as Lex Mundi, the world’s leading association of independent law offices (of which PM&P is the exclusive member for Bulgaria), FLI (PM&P being the exclusive member for Bulgaria), Lex Adria (PM&P being once again the exclusive member for Bulgaria) is a priority for us.


On the other hand, our involvement in and cooperation with a number of NGOs and foundations is an important form not only of the exchange of opinions, but also of the proper identification of current issues. This approach and our considerable efforts have found recognition in the numerous awards, certificates, and other distinctions bestowed upon us, including high praise in global legal directories such as Legal500, Chambers & Partners, Martindale-Hubbell, IFLR 1000, etc.