Penkov, Markov & Partners is one of the leading law firms providing premium counseling services and legal representation.


It was not long after its establishment in 1990, right after the democratic changes in the country, that the four founders realised that clients needed comprehensive legal services with a practical focus, rooted in their vast experience in all areas of business law and tailored to their specific circumstances.


This proved to be the comparative advantage over the competitors.


The establishment of free market relations gradually led to the formation of working groups in the different areas of law that are now included in our fields of activity.


Since the establishment of the law firm, our achievements have been the very reason why we are among the leaders in the market of legal services, setting an example for many other Bulgarian law firms.


The rich history of Penkov, Markov & Partners is rooted in the long-standing culture and traditions of our firm – full dedication to our clients, as well as to the provision of quality legal services in the field of investment and business.


Our team combines the composure and insight of our experienced attorneys with the passion and drive of our younger colleagues, but we are always united by our commitment to the issue at hand and our individual client approach.


We are never content to simply inform and comment on the changing world, but rather to play an active part in those changes. We always strive to find the best solution that addresses the challenges and meets the specific needs of the client.


This is what tailored service is all about.


Penkov, Markov & Partners Law Firm has won numerous international and national awards, including Law Firm of the Year, Lawyer of the Year, Special Appreciation Award of the Vienna Economic Forum, Law Firm of the Future of the European Bar Federation, as well as five Superbrands awards – a testament to the outstanding reputation of the brand.

Penkov, Markov & Partners is the first Bulgarian law firm to be awarded the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certificate, followed by ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015.