ISO 9001

In 2005 Penkov Markov & Partners successfully passed the preparatory and certification procedure of BUREAU VERITAS Certification and became the first law firm not only in Bulgaria but also in South-East Europe to be certified under the ISO 9001:2000 Management System Standard for comprehensive legal services and consultations in the sphere of law, related to the economic, financial and investment activities.

The audit was made under the German DAR/TGA, the British UKAS Quality Management and the US ANAB rules of certification and all certification criteria were met.

In 2010 a re-certification procedure was undergone under the ISO 9001:2008, which covers the activities of both the law firm Penkov, Markov & Partners - Attorneys-at-Law and the servicing firm Lega Interconsult – Penkov, Markov & Partners AD.

The management system of PM&P is based on the following definitions of quality:

  • Quality as the correspondence between vision and specific competences of each partner’s working group and the respective specialized practice groups, leading to actual results.  This also means commitment to our clients and care for their needs in strict compliance with our own standards.
  • Quality as constant improvement and strive for perfection. This means that we do not create superficial threshold, that we strive for continuous development and ever better results. Our goal is for PM&P to be the leading law firm.


In 2007, the quality and the exceptional professionalism of the firm and its lawyers were acknowledged by Business Superbrands Bulgaria, which recognized the trademark Penkov, Markov & Partners as one of the strongest business brands in Bulgaria for the year.

In 2021 Penkov, Markov & Partners was awarded Superbrand of the year for the fifth time (2007, 2015, 2017, 2019), recognition for exceptional reputation of the trademark Penkov, Markov & Partners among its current and potential clients, partners and investors.