PM&P participated in the Legal Day of DBIHK

On the recently concluded DBIHK Legal Day our colleagues Nikolay Voynov and Tihomir Tishev were invited to acknowledge the DBIHK society with the latest legislation developments in the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).



The focus was inevitably put on the implementation process which has been long going in Bulgaria (PM&P participated in the Legal Day of DBIH) and with the successful completion of which almost any business strategy will experience the necessity to achieve coherence with the emerging ESG regulations, along which Greenwashing and Green Claims, EU Taxonomy and Corporate Due Diligence. It was also important to demonstrate that not only the obligated entities but also their supply chain partners will feel the ripple effects of these regulatory shifts.



Besides the obvious increase in the compliance burden our team highlighted and brightened the expected opportunities for new market niches.